About Us

The Perfect Balance is a health and wellness centre
with a wide variety of nutritional products

We have full selection of high quality herbs, extracts, vitamins as well as personal care products. Over the last 22years we have focused on building an excellent reputation in the community. Come and visit our store and we will be happy to spend the time talking to you.

Our in-store staff are qualified holistic practitioners and you can count on for knowledgeable advice. Our staff can be relied upon to recommend the best products for your particular situation.

We have Certified Iridologist – Virenderjit Khatkar to help you further to achieve the best of your health with the science of analyzing body conditions through the iris of the eye and naturally healing with the method of herbs and food.
P.s. Iridologist can be seen by appointment only

What Our Custumers Says ?

Amazing customer service and I got a great deal.

Beautiful layout. Very clean and nicely organized shelves and displays, well stocked with variety of healthy products, vitamins, essential oils, organic face and body creams, organic toothpastes, supplements, protein shakes. Great variety of teas, healthy spices, probiotics, enzymes, raw nuts, organic shampoos, home cleaning supply and much more. The best health store in the neighbourhood. Service is excellent, always courteous and helpful. Great holistic store.